Data Management

We specialize in providing data base services including performance management, reporting, data modeling, data transformation and cleansing (ETL) and data governance.  Our services are customized to your business environment providing as much support as needed.  In addition, we educate your staff enabling them to continue the work we have completed.


Work Estimates

All work estimates are done at no cost to your business and must be approved before work can start.  Call and we will set up an appointment to meet with your company to discuss business solutions appropriate for your business operation.

Microsoft Programs

DKN Computer Solutions is a Microsoft Partner and we are trained to supply your computing needs for any Microsoft product.  Ask us about the different licensing options available to your business.  Plans are flexible and the benefits deserve your review.

Interested in Office 365, please take time to speak to our specialist of this product.  

Trend Micro

DKN Computer Solutions is a Trend Micro partner.  Trend Micro is a world leader in computer virus and spam prevention technologies.  Whether you are a home user or work in a large enterprise, DKN Computer Solutions can make you aware of how to protect your business from unwanted emails, viruses, and hacker attacks.

Computer Equipment

DKN Computer Solutions is also a supplier of computer equipment to run your business and is a partner with Intel Corporation, ASUS, HP and Lenovo, all leaders in the computer industry.  One call and we can maintain, repair, upgrade or replace your equipment to get you back and working as soon as possible.