DKN Computer Solutions LLC specializes in data management the computing needs for businesses. 

DKN can:

  • Provide advice on managing and analyzing your data for business trends and forecasts using today's business intelligence tools
  • Supply technology, tools and training that meets your reporting needs
  • Assist you in determining your business requirements when searching for new software
  • Assist you in creating a world-class business process for your business using practical tools and technology
  • Assist your business in the evaluation of new hardware and software products to ensure you get the best product fit for your organization
  • Review and recommend security and data storage procedures to protect customer information from prying eyes

With over thirty five years of experience, we specialize in Microsoft and HP products and can provide sales support as needed.  If you are considering updating your computer systems, we will provide your business with free estimates and competitive bids.  In short, we offer peace-of-mind with the follow-up support to protect your investment.


We are not a big computer solutions company, but we provide you with personal attention to address your changing business needs.



DKN Computer Solutions, LLC

A Nebraska Limited Liability Company